Weekly trainings

For the sport, for the fun, for practise or just out of curiosity – the reason for which you would like to join our trainings do not matter. We offer weekly trainings in two cities:

  • on Wednesdays in Białystok (Polna 20 St.)
  • on Fridays in Warsaw (Bekasów 6 St.)

You don’t need to have your own equipment nor any archery experiance. We will provide for you. The trainings are available for childrens as well as for adults. Privat sessions are possible. For more informations, please contact the adequate group leader.

Michał Sanczenko
Trainings in Białystok
+48 605 683 525
Leśna 7, 16-010 Wasilków (near Białystok)
Jagoda Tomaszewksa
Trainings in Warsaw
+48 507 191 033
Bekasów 6 St., Warsaw