Next stop – Australia


Our wonderful and great AMM Archery team member, the crazy and funny Anna Sokólska traveled all around the world. Only in 2017 she visited 7 countries, where she competed and won altogether 19 medals (from which 11 were golden). Among others, during the past view years she traveled to China, Korea, Malesia, Iran, Turkey,  RSA, France, Japan, Hungary and Russia. Now her eyes are turned towards a new destination – Australia. Thanks to the hospitality of Katrina Kruse, the owner of the Medieval Horse Sports Australia, Anna will not only have the chance to visit a new country, but also will teach during training camps for beginners and advanced horseback archers. The whole stay will be crowned with an horseback archery competition. We really hope Anna will have a great time in Australia and who knows – maybe bring some new ideas for her future activities.