Horseback Archery Competition – Strzały nad Wisłą III – RESULTS

Today we have a handful of really good news for you!
The first one was ➡️ last weekend we organized the biggest competition this year! (of course still within the allowable limit;))
The second one is ➡️ during the 3rd edition of Strzały nad Wisłą in Łomianki we had very nice weather and we played competitions: Raid235 and Tower90
The third is ➡️ the sports side is a fantastic and effective time spent: there were debuts, there were personal records, as well as new faces of players and players, previously not seen in our favorite Łomianki.
The fourth one is ➡️ our players did a great job (a few to be exact – details below). We are happy that as the sports season develops, the form of our juniors and seniors is growing and shooting as it should! 😃
Fifth is ➡️ CONGRATULATIONS to all competitors and their four-legged performance partners, and in particular to those who stood on the podium.
general classification
1. 🥇Anna Sokólska and Czanar
2. 🥈Jan Pomaski and Santos
3. 🥉Natalia Koprowska and Dumka
1. 🥇Jacek Sanczenko and Poco
2. 🥈Ewa Kutryb and Poco
3. 🥉Ania Keller and Ramona
Younger Juniors:
1. 🥇Alicja Dryl and the Przedzimek
2. 🥈Sławek Włostowski and Albercik
3. 🥉Zuzanna Maliszewska and Pająk