From Poland to Japan with Mazda

Anna Sokólska with Czanar


Everyone who had the chance to meet the AMM Archery Team, had also the chance to meet our Anna Sokólska. One of the most recognizable faces in Horseback Archery, the leading female mounted archer, multiple medalist from several competitions, the winner of the International Horseback Archery Competition in Japan. It seemed like it couldn’t get any better. But it could. Anna, along with our most experienced horse, Czanar, took part in the newest Mazda commercial, dedicated to the new Mazda model CX-5.


Now thanks to the support of Mazda Polska, Anna will go to Japan, to Obihiro, where once more she will have the chance to participate in an International Mounted Archery Competition. After this event, Anna will be joined by her AMM Archery teammate – Michał Piasek. Together they will go to Seul, Korea, to take part in the 13. World Horseback Archery Championship.