Great support – our sponsors


The organization of the Polish Championships and the international horse archery competition # IMAG2020 on the hospitable Grunwald Fields was a big challenge for us. Definitely very difficult, or even impossible, without the support we received from our Partners and Sponsors.

Polish companies, Polish craftsmen and foreign partners – archers and horses thank you, one by one:


Cordial greetings and BIG thanks, we send wholeheartedly to the Grupa Chorten – for funding one of the main awards and supporting us, for several years now, in almost all of our projects.


Nawalny Bowsfor fantastic bows from which our players shoot and which go to the winners of the competition.


Ali Bowfor amazing bows for our juniors and such a nice breath of Far East flavors (delicious teas).


PM Targetfor professional archery mats and 3D targets.


Micarta ThumbringThese scarecrows from Podlasie region lie wonderfully on the thumb and provide protection while shooting.


Wojtek Osiecki Horseback Archeryfor funding one of the junior prizes. The quiver works beautifully.


Łuksportfurther support from a professional store, with high-end archery equipment and accessories.


Antler and LeatherJelal-edin thumbrings are already pleasing to the eyes and, well-adjusted, they protect the thumbs of the youngest archers.


Koc Nockthanks to special nocks, the arrows of horse archers hit the string quickly and without errors.



Thank you once again, we are glad that you are with us. Together, we create the history of Polish horse archery!