Leading female competitor – the 1st Horseback Archery Open World Championships

Our team member, friend and trainer – Anna Sokólska –  is the leading senior, female horseback archer in the world! After a very hard competition, Anna gained the 4th place in the seniors general classification of the 1st HAOWC (1st Horseback Archery Open World Championships), and became the highest classified women in this sport.


The 1st HAOWC was a difficult test for Anna. 3 days long she was competing against the best of the best, in 3 different styles – the Hungarian Style, Korean Style and on the Polish Track. Finally she saved herself a spot among the top 10 best horseback archers, and was able to take part in the final round, held on day 4. After a great performance she finally made it on place 4.


99 competitors (82 seniors and 17 juniors) from 25 countries took part in the 1st HAOWC . The competitors could win in individual classifications as well as in team. The Polish Team – Anna Sokólska, Aleksandra Chałupniczak, Anna Sterczyńska, Wojtek Osiecki, Leszek Moniakowski, Radosław Kożuch – managed to win the bronze medal.


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