Michał Sanczenko vice-president of WHAF

Fot. Magdalena Konik


Michał Sanczenko – manager of our club AMM Archery and vice president of the Polish Horse Archery Association along with the January 1 took the position of vice president of the World Federation of Horse Archery (WHAF).

This is the first Pole in history to take such an honorable position. The WHAF headquarters are in Seoul.
WHAF appreciated the many years of experience of Michał Sanczenko not only archery, sports (medal participation in competitions and championships around the world), but also organizational.



Starting with the Polish Association of Horse Archery, and then with AMM Archery, practically from the very beginning of its existence, it organizes international competitions and trainings. Their organization is always assessed at a high level.

The Federation itself brings together archers from around the world, regardless of race, creed or political views. Its members are united by love of archery, tradition and the spirit of sport competition in competitions.