Online archery consultation

To enable you training and coaching consultation, no matter where you are, we are introducing a new service: online consultation.



Our instructors are waiting for you!

It’s enough to have any place to shoot (you need only 2-3 meters distance; see our film about shooting at home), a bow, a few arrows and a smartphone or laptop with a camera.



During such a 45-minute consultation you will be able to talk to the instructor about your technique, doubts, problems with the equipment, etc.

Film from shooting can also be recorded earlier and send us a link to it, although it is a little less “interactive” variant.


For beginners:
* selection of bow and arrow parameters;
* stringing a bow;
* correct nocking technique;
* basics of shooting technique;


For advanced:
* bow and string adjustment, selection of arrow parameters for best flight;
* detailed analysis of the shooting technique;
* error correction and troubleshooting;
* fast shooting training.
And various other issues related to your shooting.


For your convenience, the meeting can be conducted on any platform for video calls: Skype, Messenger, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp or other.



To arrange a video call, write us an email:

The cost of such a meeting is only 19 Euro