Poland first in World Grand Prix 2020


We are so proud!
Our team (Anna Sokólska, Patrycja Gryko and Jan Pomaski) contributed to the result of the Polish team in this year’s World Grand Prix 2020 competition. And this result is the first place in the Senior open category. 🏹
We won and we are very happy. 😃 We are in front of 20 teams from all over the world. We would like to thank the other members of the team, that is Ola, Leszek, Oskar and Wojtek, for joint starts and another year of representing the homeland. 🇵🇱
World Grand Prix 2020 matches, due to the global pandemic, were conducted on the basis of correspondence competitions on three tracks: Tower, Raid and Skrimish.



Detailed results can be found on the fanpage

IHAA World Grand Prix 2020