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One of its kind – the Polish Track Training Camp.

This is what all enthusiasts of horseback archery were waiting for – the Polish Track Training Camp. 4 days of adventure, great fun and learning. Our expert, Michał Choczaj (the main inventor of the Polish Track, and the trainer of the leading female horseback archer, Anna Sokólska) will share with you his knowledge and will…

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International Training Camp in 2017

Book yourself the date! We already make plans for the next season, and we are happy to announce that the biggest in Poland, international mounted archery training camp, will once again take place at the Grunwalds Battle field, on the 24-27 April. Application form:   Follow us on facebook   During our classes we…

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Weekly trainings

For the sport, for the fun, for practise or just out of curiosity – the reason for which you would like to join our trainings do not matter. We offer weekly trainings in two cities: on Wednesdays in Białystok (Polna 20 St.) on Fridays in Warsaw (Bekasów 6 St.) You don’t need to have your…

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