Training Camp – Grunwald 2019

It’s time again! We are getting ready for the International Horseback Archery Training Camp in Grunwald. 4, intensive days of ground and horseback trainings. 2 days dedicated only to the Polish Track, one to the Hungarian and one to the Korean.



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During our classes we teach and help to improve:

  • horseback riding skills that you’ll later use in mounted archery (balance, riding rain-less)
  • archery skills in terms of blind and fast nocking; shooting both hands and to all directions
  • competitor’s skills in terms of the Korean Style, Hungarian Style, and the Polish Track


We are specialized in the thumbring technique, but also “three fingers” are more than welcome – all of our knowledge can be used in both cases.



  • 27.04-30.04.2019



The Grunwald Battle Field Museum (click to see)


Price depends on date of payment:
1. First minute – until 31 st of January – 399 €
2. Regular price – from 1 st February until 15 th April – 429 €
3. Last minute – after 15 th April – 449 €


In cost of Training Camp’s are includes:
– accommodation,
– alimentation,
– 4 full days of training,
– horse rent


2 days after camp ends, one of Poland’s biggest Horseback Archery Competition starts – the 8th International Mounted Archery Games. Our training could be a good addition to that great sport event.




More information – contact Jan Pomaski: / +48 793 120 894