Zoom-zoom – off to the World Championships in Korea with Mazda Poland.

For the 4th time, Anna Sokólska is flying to Korea for the 14th World Horseback Archery Championships organized by the WHAF (World Horseback Archery Federation). For The 2nd time, Anna will be supported by Mazda Poland. Last year, thanks to their help, Anna was able to take part in the World Horseback Archery Championships and participate in a prestigious horseback archery competition in Japan.

This year, Anna will be the only representative of Poland for the 14th World Horseback Archery Championships in Korea.  The so called single shot, double shot and multiple shot are waiting for her as 3 main competitions during this event. In addition, there will also be the spectacular Qabaq competition. If you want to stay up to date, visit Anna’s profile on Instagram and check out her instastories at @anasokolska