10th Polish Tatar’s Horseback Archery Competition – results


The story has written, not entirely alone …
10 Polish Tatars Horseback Archery Competition includes: 6 juniors, 15 seniors, 14 horses, 3 styles, dozens of galloped kilometers, hundreds of shots fired, timing system, online report, technical and target judges, volunteers, sun, wind, rain. And after three days of sports emotions, we have winners:

🥇 Patrycja Gryko
🥈 Jacek Sanczenko
🥉 Alicja Dryl


🥇Anna Sokólska
🥈 Jahu Pomaski
🥉 Wojtek Osiecki




Detailed results you can find on website: https://ihaa.eu/#RankingListPanel/225

Congratulations to all❗️ This is of course only a fragment of the horseback archery story. We are also with you tomorrow and we will reveal more details.
Were you online with us? Whose rides are remembered the longest?