Challenging and pure fun – the Polish Track Cup Final


25 competitors from 6 countries – Poland, Finland, USA, Lithuania, Belarus and UK –  took part in the final stage of the Polish Track Cup 2018 organized by combined forces of our AMM Archery Team and the open air museum in Białystok (the Podlaskie Muzeum Kultury Ludowej). The competition lasted 2 days, during which all participants had to overcome the difficulties of 2 different Polish Tracks. The biggest challenge for this stage, was the long distance target, toward which the competitors had to shoot across a little pond.

After a very hard competition, the winner of the final stage was a member our AMM Archery Team, Michał Tomaszewski. 2nd was Leszek Moniakowski (from the Grom Stable) and 3rd once again an AMM Archery Team member – Michał Piasek.

This stage changed completely the end results of the whole Polish Track Cup, and in the end they look like this:

(SENIOR category)

1st place – Wojtek Osiecki (Poland / Grom Stable)

2nd place – Leszek Moniakowski (Poland / Grom Stable)

3rd place – Michał Tomaszewski (Poland / AMM Archery Team)

4th place – Anna Sokólska (Poland / AMM Archery Team)

5th place – Michał Piasek (Poland / AMM Archery Team)


(JUNIOR category)

1st place – Aleksandra Chałupniczak (Poland / Kawakada Sport Club)

2nd place – Patrycja Gryko (Poland / AMM Archery Team)

3rd place – Adrian Błazeusz (Poland / AMM Archery Team)

4th place – Elsa Siro (Finland)

5th place – Eughenia Phylypchenko (Ukraine)


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All together in this first, historical edition of the Polish Tack Cup, over 60 competitors from 20 countries took part. We would like to thank each and one of you. We hope you enjoyed this challenging and fun horseback archery discipline. See you next year!