6th International Mounted Archery Games

If you are a horseback archer or you’re just interested in this amazing sport,  join us for the 6th International Mounted Archery Games (IMAG) and you will find a real adventure! 4 days, 3 competitions, 2 Polish Tracks and only 1 winner. During this past 5 years we had the pleasure to host competitors from all around the world. This time it’ll be over 40 competitors from 11 countries. Among others Emil Eriksson (World Champion in 2015), Ali Ghoorchian (Vice World Champion 2016) and Anna Sokólska (the leading female mounted archer in the world). We are honored by the high rang of our competitors. Therefore we are also very proud, that we can offer them the best prizes, which will equal their efforts. All thanks to our wonderful sponsors: Saluki Bow Co, Herman Knives, Fortuna Arrows, PMtarget, HMA Ameoli, Łuksport, NB Saddlery, Smaczki Lopez, Antler & Leather.


All together, the value of the main prizes is over 7. 000 zł . Saluki Bow Co. (worlds leading horsebow makers) handed over a voucher for a basic horsebow model for the winner of the tournament. Herman Knives (Europ’s and Poland’s top knives maker) will fund the second prize. Fortuna Arrows (exclusive, hand painted arrow manufaktury ) took care of the 3rd place in the general classification.


See you soon on the Grunwald Battle fields!


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