It is already the 11th edition of the Polish Tatar’s Horseback Archery Competition. Every year the group of people and companies supporting us is growing, which we are very proud of. We are very pleased to present this year’s Partners and Sponsors, thanks to whom the upcoming competition will be unique and amazing.

Chorten Group – was established in 2009 as a local company in Podlasie. Since then, it has developed and expanded its reach throughout Poland. We are very pleased to announce that the Chorten Group is the Main Partner of our competition. Cooperation on this project has an additional dimension, as one of the founders of the Chorten Group has Tatar roots. Thank you for a few years of successful cooperation and we hope for more, and we invite everyone to over 2050 Chorten stores throughout Poland.

The Honorary Patronage over this year’s event was taken by the Mayor of the Wasilków Commune. We are very pleased with the support of the Local Government, in which we have been operating since 2019 as the largest company related to Eastern Archery and Horseback Archery in Poland. We invite everyone to discover the beautiful corners and secrets of the Wasilków Commune.

Our partner is The Podlaskie Folklore Museum. The cooperation between us began over five years ago and since then, in the Białystok open-air museum, we organize horseback archery and traditional archery competitions, and we present our skills during many horse shows. It is worth adding that as a result of this agreement, we can proudly call this place home for two years. We invite everyone to visit a land where history lives in a picturesque natural setting.

Another year our Partner is the Union of Tatars of the Republic of Poland. We are very happy that we can jointly create this wonderful event, which is the Tatar Culture Festival, and thanks to this cooperation, we can show living history and spread the beauty of traditions cultivated for centuries. An interesting fact is that it was, among others, the Tatars who brought horseback archery to Poland. We encourage everyone to learn about this amazing culture.

For years, the Polish Horseback Archery Association has consistently held the Sports Patronage over the competitions organized by us. Thanks to this cooperation, for over a decade we have been able to spread the passion for shooting a bow from the horse’s back and train new adepts of this art throughout Poland and abroad. We wish ourselves another years of fruitful activities, and we invite all interested to try their hand at this sport.

The Sports Patronage was also taken by the International Horseback Archery Alliance. It is an organization associating lovers of this amazing sport from many countries around the world. Thanks to the efforts of the International Horseback Archery Alliance, we have unified rules for playing the competition, which allows us to compete on an equal level with other nationalities and continue to develop in what we all love.

We are very pleased to announce that this year, thanks to the support received from the Tatar Community, we will be able to present the winning Polish Track with an extraordinary award. Like the flight of an arrow fired from a Tatar bow, he flew to us and on Friday the unique Tatar Bow will land on the highest step of the podium. We will find out who will receive this honor soon. Cheer your favorites with us!

The only and unique equestrian shop in Białystok Hippika is the sponsor of this extraordinary event. As you know, in our sport it is very important to equip both the archer and the horses. This is where Hippika comes in handy, offering top-class equipment for our horses and for ourselves. On this occasion, it is worth mentioning that Hippika and AMM will soon be connecting much more … but more about that soon. Meanwhile, we invite all horse sports lovers to go shopping.

In this year’s competition, the sponsor of the prizes is the best archery shop, Łuksport. The archer’s skills play an important role in our sport, but without the appropriate equipment, he will have a difficult task. We invite everyone who wants to start their adventure with the bow and more advanced ones to take advantage of professional advice and the enormous experience that emanates from Łuksport. We encourage everyone to visit the store and wish you a good shopping.

Antler & Leather is our longtime friend and sponsor of the competitions we organize. Every archer and lover of history and tradition should get acquainted with the offer of unusual items made of leather and antlers. Quivers, thumbrings, bowcases, whatever the heart desires, and everything refined to the smallest detail. We invite everyone to see the offer of this amazing handicraft, the creator of which you will be able to meet personally this weekend at our competition.

We are delighted that another year we are supported by the well-known and popular Decathlon Białystok Sponsor. In every sport, you need appropriate equipment and sports equipment for which we invite everyone to the largest sports store in Poland. The wide offer of the store will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in every field of physical activity. We wish you a lot of happy shopping.

Success is in the detail. A well-made thumbring can significantly help the archer to win. The production of these masterpieces is carried out by Micarta Thumbrings, which supports us as the Sponsor. Each archery ring is hand-made with the utmost care, which makes it unique and exceptional. We invite everyone to order their own beautiful thumbrings.

Pruciak Custom Knives has been a sponsor of events organized by us for several years. Every archery enthusiast knows how important a knife is and that it is important to have it in the right place at the right time. Pruciak Custom Knives offers hand-made knives of the best quality. In addition, when we have such a unique knife, it is worth taking care of it so that it will serve us as long as possible. Here, too, we can count on the producer of these sharp works of art and his latest “Protector”. We recommend knives and remember about the “Protector” 😉

Today’s world is ruled by social media, so it is extremely important for us to participate in the promotion of horseback archery. Thanks to our Media Partners – Gazeta Wyborcza, TVP3 Białystok, Białystok Online, Świat Koni, Gallop Koń & Jeździec, we can promote our sport and reach a wider audience.

Thank you to everyone and everyone separately! Thanks to your help and support, our efforts are growing in strength and attracting more and more followers each year.

You help us to act FROM PASSION in our hearts, WITH PASSION that drives us to act, FOR PASSION OF others.

Thank you !!!