II Horseback Archery Competition in Łomianki

The second edition of the competition in Stables on the Vistula is already behind us! As usual, the weather was fine;) As before, we played 2 ranking events: Hungarian Track and Korean Track and additionally Polish Track 360. Below are the winners:

Hungarian Track

1. Anna Sokólska 147.38 points
2. Wojtek Osiecki 146.25 points
3, Jan Pomaski 132.18 points

Korean Track

1. Oskar Dawid 98.57 points
2. Natalia Koprowska 97.28 points
3. Wojtek Osiecki 86.03 points

Polish Track 360

1. Wojtek Osiecki 101.855 points
2. Bohdan Włostowski 87.53 points
3. Szymon Bazydło 74.9 points

Detailed results can be found at these links: