Polish Track Training Camp 2019

This is what all enthusiasts of horseback archery were waiting for – the Polish Track Training Camp. 3 days of adventure, great fun and learning. Our expert, Michał Choczaj (the main inventor of the Polish Track) Anna Sokólska and Jan Pomaski will share with you his knowledge and will help you to improve your horseback archery skills.

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The Polish Track is a horseback archery discipline which requires multiple skills from competitors (horseback riding as well as archery skills). You not only must be able to ride and shoot, but also be able to hit off-side, jarmaki, kabak, merida and close and long-distance targets. The Polish Track is much longer than an average horseback archery track. It can have from 600 m up to over 1 km.

During our classes we teach and help to improve:

  • horseback riding skills that you’ll later use in mounted archery (balance, riding rain-less)
  • archery skills in terms of blind and fast nocking; shooting both hands and to all directions
  • competitor’s skills in terms of the the Polish Track

We are specialized in the thumbring technique, but also “three fingers” are more than welcome – all of our knowledge can be used in both cases.


  • 17-19.09.2019


Podlaskie Muzeum Kultury Ludowej near Białystok