Polish Track Competition in Białystok

Podlasie is horse archery. Already on September 21-22, 2019, fans of this spectacular sport will visit the hospitable thresholds of the Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture in Bialystok. As part of the Polish Track Competition they will compete in only one competition – the Polish track. Charming thatched roofs, colorfull hives standing in home gardens, an impressive windmill on a small meadow surrounded by birches is a scenery incomparable to other horseback archery competitions in the world. The best Polish athletes will be among the players. Let’s see Ania Sokólska, from Podlasie and our team AMM Archery – the best horse archer in the world among women. And also representatives of other countries, such as Lithuania or Finland.
The Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture and AMM Archery as the main organizer are warmly invited to this unique event in Bialystok. Come to our hospitable thresholds. Unforgettable experiences and unique impressions are waiting for you only in the museum of Podlasie Museum on September 20-21, 2019. You can’t miss it here. We guarantee good shows in the scenery of the open-air museum in Jurowce. The Podlasie Folk Culture Museum will be filled with horse archers at their best.