The Polish Track Cup Final – 22-23 September 2018


We are getting ready for the last organized by us competition in season 2018  – the Polish Track Cup Final. 2 days of Polish Track only, great fun for all enthusiast of this horseback archery style. For the second time, the open air museum in Białystok (Muzeum Kultury Ludowej), will allow us to have this competition on their grounds. Old, wooden houses will be the background to our event and will turn a regular competitions place, into a place of battle.


All competitors who wish to participate, are kindly asked to fill out the application form.

All who would like to get ready for this event, we prepared a special training camp, dedicated to the Polish Track only (find out more).
The Polish Track Cup 2018 has three stages. Two of them already took place. The Polish Track Cup Final in Białystok will be the last stage. If you would like to know more, visit the event’s facebook page, or contact us directly thru